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The DUI Law Center is operated by Adaptive Skills Counseling and we are a provider of online court classes. Our classes are superior to any other classes you may find online.

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We offer a wide range of court classes online. Whether it is a DUI class or a anger management class, you will find the class you are looking for here as long as you have been preapproved to take an online class.

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Your class was very informative. I learned a lot of stuff I didn't know. I would recommend your class

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dui class online

DUI & DWI Classes

Choose this class to meet court or DMV requirements for a DUI offense.

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drug class online

Drug Offender Classes

If the court has ordered drug offender or deferred entry of judgement classes.

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alcohol awareness classes online

Alcohol Awareness Classes

If the court has ordered you to take an alcohol or drug awareness class.

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minor in possession class online

MIP Classes

Our minor in possession classes are for anyone under 21 years of age.

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anger management class online

Anger Management Classes

Our anger classes are ideal for court, employment or personal needs.

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shoplifting class online

Theft & Shoplifting Classes

Clients arrested on theft or shoplifting charges will need this class.

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domestic violence class online

Domestic Violence Classes

Take this class if you were arrested on domestic violence charges.

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parenting class online

Parenting Classes

Learn to be the best parent you can be by taking our in depth parenting class.

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traffic school class online

Traffic School

Complete our online traffic school for too many tickets or any other reason.

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