About Us

Adaptive Skills has been in business since 2005 and in that time we have grown our online education and class offerings to include classes such as: DUI, Minor in Possession, Alcohol & Drug Awareness, Domestic Violence, Shoplifting and Theft, Parenting, Anger Management, among others.

Our classes have been written and composed by certified counselors so you can rest assured that you are going to be presented with a class that is exactly what you signed up for. Our classes are accepted nationwide and have been taken by thousands of our clients in nearly every state.

Our Mission

Our mission at Adaptive Skills is to be the number one provider of online education and training classes that meet court requirements, employment needs, and personal growth needs. We believe that when you call us during our regular business hours you will be able to speak to a real person, like businesses use to be. We are committed to great customer service and making sure that our classes provide you with the latest information available on that subject.


Thank you so much Adaptive Skills. You helped me complete my DUI course as quickly as I wanted to. In the beginning I had trouble downloading it and they helped me within minutes of emailing their customer support. It was an informative easy process and they sent me my official certificate of completion overnight that was extremely professional looking with a gold seal and came in 1 day shipping. Again thank you for your help and I would highly recommend you to anyone I know.

Katharine, Colorado

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Drug Offender Classes

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Alcohol Awareness Classes

Take our Alcohol & Drug Awareness Class to meet court requirements.

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