DUI Classes Online by Hours

Our DUI classes online have been successfully taken by clients in many states over the years to satisfy the requirements for a court or probation order, or an employer requirement.

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Notice: Please be aware it is your responsibility to make certain you can take an online class to satisfy your requirement. We suggest that you speak with the court, probation, employer, or attorney to verify that the online class will be accepted before you register.

DUI Classes Online By Hours

If your state allows DUI offenders to take an online class to complete the requirement or you have received a preapproval to take the required class through a distance learning program or an online program the classes we offer online are listed above. You can also click on Classes by State and click your state to find out how many hours of class are required for say a first offense if you are not certain. Otherwise you can select the online class hours you need above to register.

The price you see is the total price for the class there are no additional fees. Unlike other online classes that have hidden fees that you don’t find out about until the end of the class after you’ve already paid for and taken the class.

The majority of first time offenders will be required to attend a class or program regarding drunk driving as part of their Court or DMV ordered requirements. In some states the offender may also be required to have an assessment done by a local counselor that will then determine how many hours of DUI education the offender must complete.

DUI School Overview

Each state will vary as to what they require and the length of class attendance you must complete. A DUI class can take anywhere from 8 hours long up to weeks or months to complete depending on the state. Repeat offenders will more than likely be required to attend many more hours in class then a first time offender.

In most states when you attend a DUI class in-person the instructor will give you a brief overview of how the class will progress and what is expected of you to complete the class. Depending on the state, the requirements may only be that you attend the required class. In other states you may have to take a test or tests during the class and your final grade will depend on whether or not you pass the class.

We cannot stress enough the importance of showing up to class on time. If the class starts at 9am on Saturday morning, as a guideline show up 5 to 10 minutes early. You never want to walk into class 10 minutes after it has already started. If you show up late the instructor is going to inform the court of this matter and you may be required to retake the class and pay an additional class fee.

How Our DUI Classes Online Work

After you complete the registration process you are going to receive an email from us that is your receipt for payment for the class and it will show the class you registered to take. At the very bottom of the receipt there is a link that you will use to enter the class. You will need to keep this email because you will need this link each time to access the class.

The length of the class is the length you signed up for. For example if you register for a 12 hour class, it will take you 12 hours to complete the class. Once you complete the final exam at the end of the class you will be prompted to send us an email to request your certificate. Once we receive this email a counselor will review your class to make sure it was completed properly. Once the counselor is satisfied your certificate will be mailed out.

Notice: Please be aware that it is your responsibility to make certain you can take an online class to satisfy your requirements. We suggest that you speak with the court, probation, employer, or attorney to verify that it will be accepted before you register.

Need help selecting the correct class to register for?

Just give us a call or email us, and we can guide you and help you select the correct class and number of hours for your particular situation. Our office hours are Monday through Thursday from 9am to 4pm CST.

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