FAQ about DUI Classes Online


Do you have questions about online DUI classes. Is it real? What do you get for the price? Can I use online DUI classes to get my license back?

Question: Can I take online DUI class in my state?

Answer: It is best to check with the order entity that is requiring you to take the online DUI class, Court Clerk, DMV, Lawyer, etc. You can check out Classes by State page to see if your state even allows you to take an online class. Some states are very strict about no online classes, while other States accept online DUI classes.

Question: How soon can I start my class?

Answer: You will receive an email within 30 minutes of registering and paying for the class. You can begin at that time.

Question: What is included in the cost of the class?

Answer: You get 24/7 access to our classroom portal, Counselor designed DUI class material online, quizzes and final exam reviewed by one of our Counselors and a certificate of completion mailed first class to you.

Question: Do I have to do the class all at the same time?

Answer: No. The great thing about online DUI classes is that you take the class when it is convenient for you. No Zoom calls, work at your pace.

Question: How soon will my certificate arrive?

Answer: Once you have completed your final exam with a passing grade you will receive an email that includes the information we need to complete your certificate. You will email us that information and your certificate will go out within 24 hours of the quizzes and final exam being reviewed by our Counselors. No certificates are sent out on the weekend as we are closed Saturday and Sunday’s.

Question: Can I take my classes on the weekend?

Answer: Yes! Because this is an online class you can login and take your class when convenient for you. No taking time off work or taking time away from your family, you take the class when you have time.

Question: What if I have technical problems while taking the class, is there someone I can call?

Answer: Yes! You can call our offices between 9:00am CST to 4:00pm CST Monday through Friday or you can email us at Support@DUILawCenter.org.

Need help selecting an online DUI class or have other questions?
Call us at 704-425-2513 or email Support@DUILawCenter.org.