Approved DUI Classes Online for DUI Offenders in Ohio

Please read: Certain Ohio resident DUI offenders may be eligible to take an DUI classes online, we advise that you check first before signing up. DUI classes online may be acceptable for non-resident offenders depending on what state you live in, we suggest that you check first and get approval before registering.

24 Hour Online DUI Class

First time DUI offenders in Ohio will be required to complete a 24 hour DUI education class. Our 24 hour DUI class can be taken by anyone who has been preapproved to take an online class. Just click on the “register now” button below to sign up and start your class immediately:

1 Hour Victim Impact Panel

If you are required to complete a 1 hour Victim Impact Panel as part of your required penalties you may register for that class here. There are no hidden fees. Just click on the blue “register” button below to sign up and start your class immediately:

If you need a class with a different number of hours other than those listed above please visit our DUI Classes page to see a complete listing of the classes we offer.

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  • 100% Online DUI Classes!
  • Classes Accepted In Most States!
  • Real Certificate Sent By Mail!
  • Absolutely No Hidden Fees!
  • Money Back Guarantee!

Notice: Please be aware it is your responsibility to make certain you can take an online class to satisfy your requirement. We suggest that you speak with the court, probation, employer, or attorney to verify that the online class will be accepted before you register.

Need help selecting the correct class to register for or have other questions about classes? Contact Us Here.