DUI Classes for DUI Offenders in Virginia

Virginia DUI Classes Online

Please read: The state of Virginia does not recognize “online DUI classes” as an approved way for DUI or Drug offenders to complete the state mandated classes. In the state of Virginia DUI or Drug offenders are monitored by ASAP which stands for Alcohol Safety Action Program. The ASAP will monitor your case throughout the supervision period.

If you live outside the state of Virginia you will be given an out-of-state enrollment package with instructions and requirements. Other communication will occur via telephone and e-mail. Once the type of intervention services required is determined, the case manager will assist you in identifying comparable services in your home state that will satisfy Virginia requirements. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to find acceptable education or treatment providers where you live. Always enroll in the ASAP and get prior approval before attending any out-of-state program. The out-of-state service provider will need to be willing to submit progress reports to the ASAP.

20 Hour Online DUI Class

Virgina DUI offenses will be required to complete a 20 hour DUI education class. Our 20 hour DWI class can be taken by anyone who has been preapproved to take an online class. Please note that Virgina does not approve any online DUI classes for residents of Virginia. If you need a program to satisfy local in-person class you will need to contact the court clerk of the county where the DUI happened for a list of class providers. JIf you are a non-resident or have been pre-approved to take online DUI classes just click on the “register now” button below to sign up and start your class immediately:

1 Hour Victim Impact Panel

If you are required to complete a 1 hour Victim Impact Panel as part of your required penalties you may register for that class here. There are no hidden fees. Just click on the blue “register” button below to sign up and start your class immediately:

If you need a class with a different number of hours other than those listed above please visit our DUI Classes page to see a complete listing of the classes we offer.

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Notice: Please be aware it is your responsibility to make certain you can take an online class to satisfy your requirement. We suggest that you speak with the court, probation, employer, or attorney to verify that the online class will be accepted before you register.

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